More on Top

The ‘style love‘ for dressing a busty body type is in drawing attention to your face, hair, make-up and/or shoulders with dress styles that hug yet cover your bust.  If you are significantly smaller on bottom I suggest that you equally balance your upper and lower body with fit and flair style dress. These combination is achieved by choosing dresses that add curves to your hips while creating a more defined waist or add flair around your hip and thigh area which will add balance from top to bottom. If you love your legs, which I see most girls with more on top do, strut them with minis, yet be mindful of how mini you dare to go.  Super mini skirts and dresses will only accentuate your bust size and make you look as if you’ll topple over.  These are a few great style options for the more on top girls.


More On The Bottom

The Girl with more on the bottom has full hips and/or lots of booty and a smaller waistline.  Your waistline is your claim to ownership of your awesome curves.  Your goal is to keep the eyes on your small waist and to move eyes upward.  Both you and I know the lower curves will receive plenty of attention they don’t need an additional spot light. When dressing a bottom curvy shape, the goal is to add frill to your upper body, and accentuate your cinched  waist, while taking attention from  your lower body to create a flattering balance in your silhouette.  If you decide to go short, going for dresses with drape and flow on the bottom balance your shape far better than snug fitting top and bottom styles. Dresses with bare necks such as sweat heart or strapless or ruffles and decor on top with a straight neutral color bottom or wrap dress create the symmetry that you need to pop.

More In The Middle

If you’re a girl with more in the middle honey your legs, sleeves, neck and face are your golden ticket to dazzle.   A dress with an empire waist that sits right under through to very near your underbust, embellishments and dazzling accessories on top will empower you take graceful ownership of your curves. You want the googling eye to begin at your under-bust line upwards and/or your lower thigh down to your shoes. Empire waist dresses, A line dresses, dresses with belled or ruffled sleeves, and ‘MILD’ ruching are great styles for you.  (I highlighted mild ruching because when ruching is too big and fluffy it can easily have detracting effect).  Also avoid full length dresses! In my opinion they tend to favor a maternity looks on girls with more in the middle… not sexy!  Fall in love with your legs, neck/cleavage, experiment with jazzy sleeves and beautiful accessories!

Hour Glass

The hourglass Girls silhouette is proportionately curvy on top and bottom. Show stopping dresses for your body type will accentuate your assets both on top and bottom.  Areas of drama for you are your neck line, waistline, and curving hips.  Any Dress that strikes a harmonious note in all three areas are will be epic every time.


Slim Chic

The slim chic girl is fine and thin with a sleek frame top to bottom. Slim Chic looks amazing flossing their lean physique by showing of the legs with high splits and body hugging dresses. What especially unique about you is that you can easily create a hour glass silhouette by bringing attention to your waistline by adding a belt, wear a two piece crop and skirt/dress shorts bottom or choosing where the design brings attention to the the midriff.  An additional style especially suited for the body of a Slim Chic ladies nightlife is the sheer see through lace effect.  Honestly, everything skin baring and form fitting looks totally amazing on a Slim Chic body!


No matter your body shape.. Own it, love who you are, where you are and enjoy a great night looking and feeling Fabulous!