Part 2 of 3

So lets jump right in!  Continuing from the it girl trendsetting the evening and nightlife,  let us further explore and tantalize our eyes with what to expect in the high society, echelon-ish VIP parties through to anniversary celebrations, debutante balls, or coming of age ceremonies for one of the many cultures and customs across the globe…  If you love to dress-up and look for a reason to relax the 9-5 drive and twirl into Princess or Bell of the ball mode, I believe you’ll appreciate the soon to follow styles!

 Flaunt Fru Fru Feathers

This fanciful look is a worthy compliment to the Harlem Renaissance and Old Holiday.  If you want to dial it up one more notch, add gloves, an embellished coin purse, and sultry red lipstick.

Holly Grail of Princess Tiers

Fairy Tale meets modern day, style maven.

Bell of the Ball with Belled sleeves.  This sleek look creeped in from casual wear and has made it’s way on the black tie lane.


Enjoy and stay tuned for part 3…