Part 3 or 3

To ensure you’re set with the freshest styles on the evening, night, nuptial, and black tie season, lets roll out part 3 of 3 of the Top 10 Wedding and Evening Dress trends of 2018…  One of the trendiest ideas of this year is the desire to doll up.  The novelty of lady like allure is magnificent.  Feminine mystique is pushing up a strong yet humble wave, where it’s now appropriate to show up and show out.  To look like you tried, you honored the invitation with thoughtful effort, and to look like your self care is encouraged, welcomed, and expected.


Black & White, Classic + Timeless



Some Ladies must wear Pearls

Princess Corset with visible boning

Fairy tale worthy Overskirt

This years glamorosity (my new word) includes something special that every woman can fall in love with.  So… accept those plated invitations, and plan your special events with full confidence in showing up to own the moment or humbly yet fabulously twirl about it.