Are you interested in having  a custom made dress  for your wedding or a special night? Many women think about getting a custom dress made because it allows them to shine with their unique beauty, confidence and style. But what should you consider when considering a custom made dress over off the rack? Keep reading for this answer  and more!

1st The Design Consultation, Sketches and Fitting

The design consultation (which can range anywhere from free – $300) is when the Fashion Designer/Seamstress will get to know your personality, style and inspirations. Drawing up fashion sketches, offering  expert advice and recording your measurements, as well as collaborating, brainstorming your unique dress design that will your perfect fit!

As your first consultation concludes,  there is a final sketch in place detailed written descriptions of what will be included in your unique custom made dress next will be the total or flexible price and the deposit required to begin creating.

Some Designers provide one set price which does not fluctuate as long as you don’t make major changes (such as adding a train) so whatever price is given during your consultation remains the same. Other Designers set a flexible base price that may change a bit for unforeseen costs (such as the cost of your desired fabric is not available and the second choice is more expensive, or if you change any of the details of your originally agreed upon design).

(Professionally as a Fashion Designer and Seamstress, I provide one set price that remains the same from start to finish).


Once you leave your appointment your Designers will purchase all the materials needed to begin. Also note: Fabric can be very expensive starting at a low $20 per yard and  reaching up to $400 per yard with the average full length dress requiring 4 yards of fabric.  This does not include lining fabric which is placed and sewn underneath which gives you dress a smooth sleek look underneath your designer fabric.



The construction of your custom made dress includes quite a bit of work.  There are essentially 3 dresses being made in order to complete your 1 dress.  First there is the mock up dress.  This is a dress made of really cheap fabric yet in the style your ordered to ensure your dress will fit well.  This mock up dress is what you will try on during your first fitting.  Second is the lining of your dress and third is your dress itself.  Before that process begins your Designer will design a custom made pattern specifically for your body.  Lastly there will probably be a 2nd fitting and adding all the finishing touches.


First Fitting

Your first fitting will be in trying on the dress style you chose, however the fabric will be much different.  It will look cheap, most likely white, there will be notes and markings all over it.  Don’t panic, just in case you missed it when I touched on Labor.  This is only a mock up fabric and to ensure your dress will fit well.

How to Enjoy the process?

  1. Order you custom dress at least 2 – 3 months before your special day
  2. If you are ordering a Custom Wedding Dress order at least 6 months in advanced
  3. Be sure you feel trusting and confident in your Designer via seeing/trying on sample dresses, word of mouth, or witnessing a completed dress at an event and asking for a referral.
  4. Know that it’s worth it!  It’s a beautiful thing when you can afford to be catered to with complete custom made fashion especially for important moments in life


  1. Order your dream dress
  2. The stunningly unique and one of a kind difference you dress will express
  3. A fit that will feel like a glove and provide extra extra confidence


  1. Some say price is a con, but it depends on who you are asking?
  2. If you are strapped for time, custom made may not be realistic

Prepare for your consultation

Do you know what Designers love?  Clients who have inspiration and flexibility.  Be prepared with photo’s, magazine pullouts, a Pinterest board, or whatever you have to store your inspiration.  This will allow your designer to not only get a feel for the style you like, but also your personality.  As personality and style usually go hand in hand.

Being flexible is equally important.  Keep an open mind on details that may look more pleasing with your inspired style or body.  Also be open to fabrics, prints, silhouettes patterns, and colors.  Explore the creative process with your Designer.

Creating a custom made dress from scratch is very personal, fun, creative and a memorable experience.  Enjoy!