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The Everyday Cultured Princess

I create from the multicultural influence woven into my upbringing growing up in Detroit… Inspired by the dressing and feminine customs of these resilient women which surrounded me, sparked a curiosity for dressing customs across the globe, and the natural forms of womanhood each culture celebrates.

As you probably can tell, I enjoy playing with the softer side of life.  For me,there’s a special nearly magical power in softness, grace, wisdom and sensuality.  My life has been especially molded by the softer side of cultures that exude dance, creativity, and wildness. The cultures that touched me directly were the mystique of the middle east, the brilliance of North East Africa, Prints and infinite color combinations of South Africa, as well as the bright alluring sensuality of Latin America.  I have fun telling these stories and experiences through fashion.

The F2 Brand is for the everyday Cultured Princess , she’s regal at heart, with a very stylish spirit!

Everything is Handmade in studio and Made to Order! 💋  Most styles are limited run..  So if you see it,  and you love it, go for it!

F2 by Fatima Farasha